Audio Downloads

Wayne Jacobsen 'Transition' series.
1. At Home in God. Click here to download 
2. Three Roads to Travel. Click here to download 
3. Sin and Shame. Click here to download 
4. The Cross: Cure not Punishment. Click here to download 
5. Walking in the Reality of the Cross. Click here to download 
6. How God Changes Us. Click here to download
7. Processing the Journey. Click here to download
8. The Transformed Life. Click here to download

Wayne Jacobsen 'Living Loved in Marriage' series.
1. Only and Always: The Growing Endearment of a Life Lived Loved. 
Click here to listen 
2. Finding Our Way to Us: Unity Where We Don't Agree. 
Click here to listen

Wayne Jacobsen (Various).
Father's Process of Transformation. Click here to download
Relational Christianity. Click here to download
The Reality of Living Loved. Click here to download

You can also download various talks from previous years at Greenbelt.
Click here to download