Engage: Letting God Build a Relationship With You 
by Wayne Jacobsen

These videos are a catalyst for you to explore what it means for you to have a relationship with God as your Father. While a personal friend would be far more effective, these videos are offered both to encourage people on their own journey as well as to equip people who want to help others.
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Church Outside The Walls.

Church Outside The Walls is a four part DVD series exploring the current phenomenon surrounding the exodus of millions of Christians from religious institutions. (A Family Room Media production).

Part 1. The Dropouts.

Parts 2 & 3. Today's Church: How did it get this way?

Part 4. Where do we go from here?

John Lynch: New Testament Gamble.

Brennan Manning: Do You Believe That I Love You?

Rob Bell: Rediscovering Wonder.

Shane Claiborne: The Irresistible Revolution.

Brene Brown: Listening to Shame.


Bob: Who We Really Are.

BADD: The Killer.

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